Shenandoah Valley Sing Off Judging & Prizes



  1. An Audience Favorite award will go to the group who receives the most online votes during the contest.

  2. No group can win the Audience Favorite award two years in a row. If a group who won the Audience Favorite award wishes to participate in a consecutive year, they may do so, but will not be included as an option for winning the Audience Favorite award during the online voting process.


  1. All groups who are accepted into the SingOff will receive a monetary prize for their successful participation in the event.

  2. One group will receive an additional monetary prize for winning the Audience Favorite award.

  3. In the unlikely event of a tie for the Audience Favorite award, SVCC personnel will select an overall winner.

  4. Monetary prize amounts will be determined and based upon the number of accepted applicants.

  5. All decisions and interpretations regarding the contest, its rules, and the selection of groups and awards remain with SVCC, its agents, and representatives, and are final.